Tartan Banners for Kirkin’ etc

PLEASE NOTE: Expedited shipping is implemented once the product is received from Scotland.

Tartan banners are probably best associated with Kirkin’ of the Tartans. This special event was introduced by the Scots born Rev. Peter Marshall who served as chaplain to the US Senate during WW2. He gave a sermon entitled “the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans” at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington DC with the intent of raising funds for British war relief. Today the Kirkin’
is held annually at churches (and also Scottish Games) throughout the US as part of the celebration of Scottish heritage. A standard bearer is appointed by each family to hold the banner with their tartan in the procession lead by a piper or even a pipe band. It is a very moving ceremony. For more info on the “Kirkin 0 the tartan” click the link below. http://www.tartansauthority.com/tartan/tartan-today/the-kirkin-o-the-tartan/

Our Tartan banners are made from our springweight worsted wool fabric and available in 500+ tartans. (can be made from heavier wool fabrics on request and if available in required tartan)
The standard size is 54”wide by 36” long. The banner can be supplied with a sleeve on the short side to slip over a pole up to 2.5” diameter. Alternatively it can be supplied with 3 grommets in lieu of the sleeve.