5oz Silk Tartan Fabric

Silk Dupioni has an advantage over some other types of silks, in that it tends to resist wrinkles, which helps to enhance the usability of the finished fabric. In addition, silk Dupioni also has a tendency to take creases very well, which can give the final product a crisp and formal appearance. As an added bonus, the fabric is totally reversible, so it is perfectly acceptable for both sides of the material to be visible. This type of silk is also very easy to sew.

Material Dupioni Silk
Fabric Width 48″
Fabric Weight 5 Ounce
Delivery & Returns Please allow a minimum of 7-15 business days for delivery. Expedited shipping is implemented once the product is received from Scotland.

If you have any questions about what our fabric color, please order a sample first. Any other questions you have, please use the contact option on the home page and we will be happy to help you decide what fabric is right for your project.

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